Enhance Your Décor with Mirrors

A living room with a large mirror and sconces.

increase the light in a room

While mirrors are quite functional in everyday life, they can also add beauty to a room by maximizing light, highlighting decorative features and producing the illusion of space.

But before you start hanging mirrors throughout your home, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Use placement as an advantage. Place your mirror next to a window to reflect light or highlight the view. Or use it to draw attention to a piece of art or furniture.

A sitting area with large mirror reflecting light from outside.
Mirrors add beauty and brightness to a room.

make your room look bigger

Create an illusion of size. If you have a small space, use a mirror to make it feel bigger. A full-length mirror against a wall adds a unique touch to a small room.

Consider style. Complement your existing décor with the right style. Soften your room with a chinoiserie mirror, or bring the outdoors in with a natural wood frame.

Make your mirror a focal point. Draw attention to it by placing sconces on either side. Or cover your entire wall with mirrors.

A small room with a large mirror.
Use a mirror to make small rooms feel bigger.

Open up your hallways

Hang mirrors in hallways and staircases. Small, horizontal mirrors can do wonders for widening the appearance of narrow spaces.

Limit mirrors in kitchens and bedrooms. They’re really not necessary in kitchens and are likely to get water marks. In bedrooms, they can activate energy and cause restlessness.

Make sure to hang each mirror properly. A single hook is dangerous (not to mention your mirror might hang at an angle). So, use secure picture hangers or wall hooks – two on each side will offer the most support. And if your mirror is particularly large, consider letting professionals do it for you.

An entryway with a horizontal mirror.
Horizontal mirrors widen the appearance of hallways and entryways.

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